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Ros Taylor, Guest Speaker at Glasgow event on 27th September

You can Learn Social Confidence

Ros Taylor is a corporate leadership coach who changes the way businesses do business by identifying hidden talent and taking people on a journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Ros iross one of the UK’s leading psychologists and using her extensive research amongst 80 of the FTSE 200’s top companies, she is uniquely placed to identify areas for improvement and implement transforming solutions.

Ros will provide attendees of the IBNS Glasgow launch with tools to grow social confidence and build networking skills.

She will tackle the misconceptions that to be considered a great conversationalist you have to indulge in permanently witty repartee. She will demonstrate that the best way to initiate debate and conversation is to ask questions. Furthermore, she will introduce techniques to show how to achieve effective networking.

It will be a fun and interactive session designed to ensure that everyone achieves the best business outcome from the IBNS Glasgow launch.

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