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Incorporation of IBNS Completed- What’s Next?

Great things always need a starting point.  The incorporation of the Irish Business Network Scotland Limited (IBNS) at Companies House was the obvious starting point for the team.

So, we have the company, the Directors and Committee Members. What’s next?

The formal plan for launch on 8th June is currently in the fine detail, and we will have the venue, speakers and running order in place (fingers crossed) by next Friday – so watch this space!

With the focus on bringing together like-minded business people from Ireland and Scotland, the guest list is growing and invitations will be sent out in early May.  Communication and collaboration is the key emphasis for the Network, so please do give us your ideas, views and feedback on how we are doing and what you would like to see from the Network.  It’s all about you in the end!

Following the initial launch in Edinburgh, we will have our first formal event in Glasgow around September time, and a full calendar of events for our new members will be published in the summer. The Network believes events should be a mix of formal and social. Formal, to add value to your profession, share ideas and collaborate on new opportunities. Social, because really, business is so much easier over a glass of wine!

For further information on IBNS please drop in on us at

David Greenlees


Irish Business Network Scotland

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