Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange

Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange

Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange, formerly Irish Business Network Scotland (IBNS), is a not-for-profit organisation that connects high level business people from Ireland and Scotland to identify and explore new collaborative business opportunities.


The organisation was established in January 2016 by a group of like-minded business people from Ireland and Scotland, who believe that enhancing communication and building relationships between individuals and organisations from both countries will add significant value to their business.

Causeway has three primary objectives:

  1. To facilitate better communication, connectivity, and collaboration between the business communities of Ireland and Scotland.
  2. To provide a forum to assist entrepreneurs and companies operating or seeking to operate in Ireland or Scotland.
  3. To form a two-way platform for engagement between business and government.

Please contact us at or complete the enquiry form in our Contact Us page.

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